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  1. Update on my situation... Following three weeks of investigation by Toyota Corporate, I'm getting a new short block! Most of the parts are backordered, but at least I don't have to pay for anything. w00t w00t
  2. The dealer, being Carrefour 40-640, said the work was done correctly. I disagree based on the sealant job and the fact that the oil filter was clogged. However, the dealer that did the work is Park Avenue Toyota. So now I'm just dealing with Toyota directly to make a final determination. Since the engine shut down on the highway they take that as a serious risk, hence why I took all the pictures to send to them. The dealer was hardly of any help in documenting what they saw as they took apart the engine. Essentially, if this happens to you, call Toyota and they will decide what happens BEFORE the dealer touches your car. I don't know any dealer that wants to foot the bill for the damage their work may have done.
  3. I went to take pictures and videos today since they partially took apart the engine. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNNjO2elJbixMiF4kgrXx1h73WvyBpaTh2tG71OcjevBhwpn8QfMQ8_Q950LPBxYQ?key=YWREV2hrbHo1cWs5S0owM2R3Qm9YWmh2MXQ0OW9n I called corporate and they're now investigating. The dealer has been informed to not touch the engine anymore since while I was there I spotted the black sealant in the oil filter (first picture). The mechanic on the car then went and knocked the pieces out to show that there was also metal fragments. However, those black strands are rubber sealant that have been shown to clog the oil intake.
  4. This just happened Friday morning. It was brought to Carrefour 40-640 Toyota since it was right across the highway from where I broke down. The dealership called me 4 hours after I dropped it off to advise me that there is a serious engine problem. Then they offered to give me a loaner car (2018 Corolla). I'll know more on Monday when the dealer opens up the engine to determine the cause. I got in contact with someone else who has had their car at Toyota Spinelli Pointe-Claire and its been sitting there for two weeks awaiting a final assessment on what's going to happen.
  5. About 2k since the work was done which was a little over a month ago.
  6. I searched the forum but couldn't find anyone else discussing this here but my 2013 FRS died today following work done after the J02 recall. It's been about a month since the work was completed. I was cruising on the highway and heard some pretty subtle engine knocking, about 10 minutes later some rough knocking and then the car shutdown completely while still rolling. Has anyone else had this happen? I saw on this thread that someone from Pointe-Claire had a similar issue. http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3188530 You can reply in French, I'm perfectly bilingual, it's just easier to type in English. Cheers!
  7. Its unfortunate that I work on Sundays. I would so be down since that's close to home. :-)
  8. I'm at 21k.. I got mine in mid-june.. A couple long distance trips to Boston and New York recently jacked it up.
  9. When it peaked, the sound is beautiful!