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  1. Not bad, 5 yrs, I guess seeing so many stories on FT86 with them lasting much less... Alors, dans la province, region Montreal, ou achete, quoi achete, need something good = autoX & HPDE. Merci les boyz.
  2. cb750f

    Nouvelle gt86 2021

    With da Corona, it's highly probable it will not be made next yr or the could be the last yr. Like in 2008/2009 many cars were discontinued.
  3. I'm om west Island, actually a little further.... but no, none(as far as I know), but it does not matter if your English or Frenglish or even Martian. If you like the platform YOUR IN!!!! Just join any meet next yr, everyone is just fine. Great community here.
  4. cb750f

    Big meet Inter-provincial


    oui et +1
  5. 57 ans, informatique. 1980 Honda CB750F still have Mazda GLC Hyundai Pony, piece of shit Chrysler Sundance, worst piece of shit Ford Ranger, stolen Ford ranger vendu GM Swift & Jetta, pas eu longtemp Harley, bought from scrap yard, still have 2001 Suzuki Esteem, dur a tuer! 2014 BRZ bought new but bastards sold me new repainted car... 2015 BRZ Bon, c tout!
  6. cb750f

    Batterie - slow charge

    This is what I've been using for the last 2 winters.... So far so good! De decembre -> debut avril.
  7. YSagz cb750f Oui, une belle ride celle la et ma cuisine sera terminé. Et la passe, forgot that... J'en ai une de trop si tu la veut Merci, j'ai ma passe, mais je l'aurai oublié ...
  8. Oui, une belle ride celle la et ma cuisine sera terminé. Et la passe, forgot that...
  9. Something else I ran into that could be interesting. The charts are data logs. The first chart is the stock tune. If you look at FLKC, you can see a few instances where it drops to -3.00 and below, particularly in the 6800-7000 RPM range. FLKC is the amount of ignition timing in degrees the ECU has learned to subtract (or add back if positive) based on the amount of detonation it has seen over an extended period of time. So -3.00 FLKC or worse would be indicative of fairly significant detonation in that RPM range. IAM also hovers around 0.20 (ideally would be 1.00), so the ECU clearly isn't happy with the amount of detonation it's seeing and is pulling a lot of timing universally (not just in specific RPM ranges and loads). The second chart is the aftermarket tune. FLKC and IAM look much better in that log, so that shows the engine is running much better (and safer) given the poor quality fuel in SA. These are simplified explanations but there's a lot of detailed information in the links in steve99's signature. Check them out if you're trying to learn more. Found on pg 4 ... http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=117291&page=4
  10. Rev hang & all that stuff, specially 'stuff', since it's so technical. Merci Sajan de prendre le temps pour nous, c'etait tres bien l'an passé.
  11. cb750f

    La FeRaSi epic build

    Encore plus d'info... http://www.speedhunters.com/2016/11/ferrari-engined-toyota-gt86/ Nice writeup.
  12. Bonjour, Alors, qui connait ca? http://www.yonaka.com/Yonaka_13_16_Scion_FR_S_Catback_Exhaust_p/ymcb-frs.htm Designed in Ottawa et fait en Chine. Stainless steel grade 304. Le son semble pas si mal. Pour 500$. Lavalife avait un concept?
  13. Bon, finalement, je l'ai acheter. Apres 10 km... - Le son, c plutot stock, un peut plus fort, little growl. - The welds, pas si mal, j'ai vu pire. - Instalation, facile, mais 1 des tips est pas centré. Deja vue pire. Meme mon Kerker sur ma moto, et Kerker est de tres bonne qualite c pas parfait. - Mauvaise bolts pour le cat a mid pipe. La voiture verra jamais l'hiver alors pour la corrosion, j'em fou. Le temps me dira si c'etait un bon achat.
  14. Appel une residence et parle au administrateur.
  15. Tu peux appeler des Manoirs/residence, ou mes parents etaient il y avait plusieurs belles voitures 100k$ plus. Chaud, sec et securitaire.
  16. cb750f

    Démographie des proprios de 86

    Mad, supper bon gadget ca! But the pillow, man, the pillow, ca j'en ai besoin! :o